Mix MobApp modules to build the application you want and customize your design. Use our marketing tools to share your app and measure the use impact and usage with detailed statistics. Each app must have its own developer Account. Every message will be sent to the users of your app. If, for example, you have 5. Our team can provide guidelines and advice to improve the chances for store approval but our service is not bound by the approval or rejection of your app.

We are very proud of the quality of service we provide. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your questions or issues were not resolved to your satisfaction. I hereby certify that the information above is true and accurate. What is MobAppCreator?

We are an online service that provides you the tools to create native mobile apps simplified. Create Build your amazing mobile app Mix MobApp modules to build the application you want and customize your design.

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Publish Share your app by publishing it on the markets We take care of the app submission process on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Distribute Promote your incredible mobile app Use our marketing tools to share your app and measure the use impact and usage with detailed statistics.

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Plans built for every project you require No commitments. Mobile App Creator for Agencies Make money by building mobile apps for your clients.

Mobile First Our Platform in Numbers. How can we assist you? Argentina MobApp Labs S.Create effective, white-label apps for small business. No technical knowledge needed. Create one or more loyalty programs and begin gathering information on your clients in just a few clicks.


Send messages directly to your clients' mobile devices. You can easily target your clients. Share all your latest news with your clients and get their feedback and suggestions.


Tiger is made for building efficient marketing mobile apps for local and small businesses: restaurant, bar, hotel, music band, etc. Emphasize the products and prices of your clients by making information available on their clients mobile.

You want to resell mobile applications to your clients. Would you like to enable them to manage their own application? No problem. We provide an interface in your image, with your design, in your name, on your website. Calling a store is just a touch away.

You can integrate the button into your application in one click. Clients will never have to hunt for the store number again. Integrate your store address and enable your clients to find it directly using the mobile application.

In a matter of minutes, create Iphone and Android native apps, as well as a mobile website for many small businesses.

Download Smart App Creator 3 for Windows

Thanks to our full white label system, you keep a total control of your customers. You have nothing to worry about. Tiger will do the work for you. I was skeptical at first, but I have to admit that you deliver. My clients' smiling faces are proof of that. How it works? Create an app in 5 minutes. Try for Free! Or download our open-source, free app builder.From designing to programming, you can create a completely native Android application by simply drag and dropping. Sketchware lets you build mobile apps using lego-like blocks.

Block language lets you go beyond prebuilt widgets, allowing your application to be flexible and scalable. From setting up to publishing your first Android application, you can handle all the process without leaving your smartphone.

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Setup It only takes one click to setup. Learn Learn from more than 50 step-by-step tutorials. Create Create apps without typing a single line of code.

The Ultimate App Creator for iOS & Android

Publish Publish your finished projects on the Play Store. What You See Is What You Get Create apps by simply drag and dropping From designing to programming, you can create a completely native Android application by simply drag and dropping.

Building native mobile apps using Block Language Programming Simplified Sketchware lets you build mobile apps using lego-like blocks. On PC import android. Bundle; import android. Nullable; import android. AppCompatActivity; import android. On Sketchware.

Completely PC-Independent Learn, Create, and Publish From setting up to publishing your first Android application, you can handle all the process without leaving your smartphone.

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Who's Using Sketchware? These apps on the Play Store were created using Sketchware.Make your own app easily without coding. Use your own splash screen, app icon. Add amazing features into your app. The ultimate Chat module to build your own complete Chat app, or incorporate a Chat system in your apps. Real-Time Chat Create public chatrooms and let your users create their own private chatrooms and chat with each others.

Rich messages Send Text and Image Messages. And top-notch features! Classifieds — Craigslist Feature.

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Your users can buy and sell their products. They can display their products on the map in your app. Your own uber like app. Taxi drivers and passengers can register for using your taxi app. As an app owner, you will receive the payments for all rides. Passengers pay Read more about Taxi App […]. With custom page feature you can create your app with custom features for your different needs. Start creating your app for your special needs. You have designed your app and ready to publish on Google Play Store.

It is not a problem anymore. If you subscribe on a google publishing service included plan, you will be able to publish your app on the store without purchasing a developer Read more about Google Play Publishing […].

Click here to sign up! Our users have created; Professional applications, Personal applications, Bussiness applications, Social applications, Recipe applications, File sharing applications, Booking applications, M-commerece applications, Appointment applications, Video gallery applications, Image gallery applications, Comic applications, School applications, Course applications, Educational applications, WordPress applications, QR applications, Loyalty applications, Real-time chat Read more about What types of apps can you create?

You can easily create a mobile application on apprikator. After signing up on the system, you can start creating your application by giving a name for it, then you will be able to design the look of your application. You can choose a pre-made template and Read more about How easy to build an app […]. Marketplace Feature Your own marketplace app. Your users can create ads and sell things on your app.

Chat Feature Your own chat application. Your users can chat on your application. AdMob Ads You can show ads to earn money. Calendar Adds Calendar feature Ical integrated.Drupal 8 is just days away from stable release and I have finally had a chance to play.

It's a full rewrite so lots of changes, the admin interface seems much cleaner. This is a short note on attaching libraries in a custom theme. Wallace Jackson has authored a book for people with no programming experience, who are interested in developing Android Apps. The book Android Apps for absolute beginners is published by Apress and covers all you need to know to get started in Android development.

The Drupal Downunder site for the conference in Januaryis live now. It has been evolving over the last couple of months while we build up to what looks to be a very exciting conference. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people involved in organising the conference and website. With the opening up and support of API's on mobile devices, HTML5 has the potential to eliminate the need for device specific development.

So I thought I would post some tips for anyone else experiencing similar issues using App Inventor on Ubuntu. I can plug it in and share files between them easily.

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The momentum behind Android is amazing. I have been keeping an eye on Androids progress and it is simply staggering. Not all the best phones are making it to Australia and some are getting here too slow. Australian carriers are starting to get behind Android and competition to release the best handsets and plans seems to be heating up.

This is actually a rework of the original CSS properties list in a more useful format. Now you can see the earliest version of each popular web browser that supports the CSS property or Selector. It should be easier to use and maintain as in general once a browser supports a particular property then it will continue to do so.

I used to provide yearly stats on this site that showed Browsers, Operating System and Screen Resolution. Somewhere along the way, aboutI lost interest or got too busy to publish them.

Over the last year or so I have noticed a big increase in Mac usage, every man and his dog has one, or so it seems. So I had a quick look at the stats for last month and compared it with the old stats. In mac users accounted for just 2. Read more about Drupal8 attaching libraries to specific pages. This is some notes of techniques used in a recent project to save time if done again. The idea was to display multiple related entities within the main entity, node in this case, and to embed the forms for those entities as well.

To keep it neat we will wrap all but the latest entity in a collapsed fieldset. First of you need to create the entities, I used Entity Construction Kit. Read more about Embed an entity within another in Drupal 7. Read more about App Stores. Read more about Android Apps for absolute beginners.

Read more about Drupal Downunder.Review by editorial. About Smart App Creator. Like any easy-to-use app development platform that doesn't need programming knowledge, your options will always be limited with Smart App Creator 3. However, it's still very useful for creating a variety of media apps, and can also be useful for instruction, presentations, and introduction to apps on mobile and desktop alike.

The latest features that come with the 3rd iteration of the software also greatly expand what's available to app developers. However, the true standout feature over other similar software, however, is the real-time device preview, which allows you to efficiently preview your apps on a phone or tablet over a network. It's a feature that saves a massive amount of time on constantly rebuilding and deploying, and it works well, performs great, and definitely earns Smart App Creator merit over many other choices.

More images. Create interactive, fully-functional apps on mobile or Windows quickly, even if you don't have technical expertise or software programming knowledge, with Smart App Creator 3.

You'll get to make use of HTML files and images, text, shapes, multimedia, and use device hardware to provide your app with the functionality you want. You can also use smooth and attractive animation effects, as well as preset templates for a variety of sequences and interface effects.

With Smart App Creator 3, app creation takes place through a simple Microsoft Office-like interface that requires no programming knowledge. Objects and effects can be applied with a click, or a drag and drop gesture.

Smart App Creator 3 provides a whole host of new tools and features that app creators can make use of. Users can now also embed Google Maps and YouTube videos directly into their apps, create customizable tables that can be connected to open-data databases, add the ability to call phone numbers directly from within apps, and much more. You also get a robust real-time device preview tool, which not only allows you to test your app on your computer before publishing, but also lets you use it right on the target device, whether Apple or Android, using a network connection.

Smart App Creator 3 can be downloaded with a free day trial, complete with a user guide and step-by-step instructions on how to publish your apps. For more Windows software and news and updates on Windowshead on over to Tom's Guide. Screenshots for Smart App Creator.

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More information about Smart App Creator. Related software. Top 3 Software creation. Latest albums. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Doctor Strange. United States France. Subscribe to our newsletter. Other Shopsavvy sites.The future of work is digital, and businesses of all sizes need to transform fast.

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that gives you the power to make the shift quick, secure, and seamless—regardless of the complexity of your requirements and coding expertise. Build multiplatform applications ranging from simple call logs to complex ERPs that integrate with your existing processes. Accelerate the development process using our rich ecosystem of intuitive visual builders, code editors, and prebuilt templates. Configure workflows to automate your business applications with minimal steps and iterations.

With Zoho Creator, any user who understands business logic can build an application in no time. Fill the gaps in your existing system or extend its functionality seamlessly.


Our prebuilt connectors let you easily integrate systems old and new. Learn more about our features. Install and customize solutions from our extensive collection of application templates to meet your unique requirements. Low-code application development is a technique that allows users to design and develop apps with little or no coding. It uses features like visual building, ready-to-use code snippets, form and report templates, and built-in connectors that accelerate development drastically and extend the ability to innovate to a broader set of people.

Any software that no longer meets current business needs is considered legacy. Modernization, as an integral part of digital transformation, aims at enhancing legacy systems to create a more agile and secure business technology stack that delivers competitive value.

Low-code is no longer the untested new kid on the block, and companies are moving fast to reap its benefits. This technology merges the ideas of agile and visual development together to deliver efficient solutions at a fraction of the time taken on traditional application development platforms. Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that allows users to create custom applications on their own, with minimal coding experience.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface empowers developers and business users to build web and mobile applications that satisfy all their unique requirements with ease. With Zoho Creator, businesses can collect data, automate processes or workflows, analyze data in reports, collaborate with other users, and even integrate with external applications.

Every application built on Zoho Creator comes with a native app for iOS and Android, allowing users to access real-time data from anywhere, at any time. Zoho Creator ensures the logical separation of one customers' data from another's. Data retention and backup happens in a secure manner. Applications built on Zoho Creator are built to auto-scale—the back-end infrastructure seamlessly scales as business demand grows. Zoho Creator has a day free trial of all premium features.

You can get started by signing up here, or the signup page. Yes, Zoho Creator has a free plan. This plan comes with a limited feature set and only has 1 user, 1 application access, 25MB storage, and records.

However, you have the option to upgrade it to the paid plan whenever you wish. Zoho Creator has a flexible per-user pricing model. For more details, please visit our pricing page. For the Creator in you Build. Build your first app now! Top brands that use our platform. Transform your business with customized solutions.

Create applications the way you want them Build multiplatform applications ranging from simple call logs to complex ERPs that integrate with your existing processes. Automate workflows with ease Configure workflows to automate your business applications with minimal steps and iterations.

Connect and extend applications seamlessly Fill the gaps in your existing system or extend its functionality seamlessly.

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